SafetyStock ProfeSSional is our complete solution for Inventory Optimization. Safety stock calculations take into account:

  • Target Service Level
  • Demand Accuracy
  • Lead time
  • Supplier reliability
  • MOQ/ Rounding quantity
  • Replenishment Frequency
  • Planning Method (MRP and Reorder Point with Fixed Reorder quantity are currently supported)
  • Forecast Horizon (within which all demand is firm)
  • Complex Demand including seasonal or infrequent demands

SafetyStock ProfeSSional has two components – a desktop app and a cloud app:

This design ensures that all sensitive data remains on your network.  Sales order data, material costs etc. belong under the security umbrella of your network. Each instance of the app can handle 10,000 nodes (material /plant combinations).

Performance measures for demand accuracy, supplier reliability and service level are necessary in the Safety Stock review process and this app will help you to calculate and review these at the right frequency for your business.

When due you will be prompted to review safety stocks. At this point the app will guide you through grouping materials by demand accuracy and supplier reliability and then building categories of materials with similar planning parameters and performance measures.

The app uses classifications by ABC and XYZ (runners/repeaters/strangers and aliens) to help group products which should share similar demand accuracy and will do these classifications where required.

It will ensure your policies for applying safety stocks on new, infrequently used and phase out materials are applied.

The app will calculate the required safety stock for all your material categories as a batch and enable the resulting inventory values to be reviewed before the new safety stock levels are adopted.

Output for your ERP system can be generated on demand or scheduled. The output can be in the form of parameters (all or changed products only) or as time phased safety stocks.

You can assign weekly or daily planning periods to each material. Using daily planning periods with fast turnover products and materials is important to optimise inventory where shelf life is short or where a very reactive control system such as Kanban is used on high volume /low variety production processes.

The target value of safety stocks (blue bar below) is tracked showing how this is evolving as you use the app and KPIs for service (fill rate in red) and safety stock attainment (green line). These show the service level you are actually achieving and whether you are actually keeping the stocks you aim to have:

KPIs related to inventory, service , demand accuracy and supplier reliability can be tracked at either weekly or monthly levels and optionally you can drill down to plant, business unit and product family. The chart below shows some of the available KPIs:

An analysis of inventory evolution can be used to track inventory by ABC or by quality (safety stock/ cycle stock/ above entitled/ excess/ obsolete/ blocked) on a weekly or monthly basis:

The app is multi-lingual (currently Chinese and English versions available) and is installed using Microsoft's ClickOnce technology ensuring that you receive all enhancements automatically.

Microsoft Windows 7 (64 bit) or later and Microsoft Office 2010 or later are required NB Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel are used extensively by our desktop client.

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Each copy of the app can be installed on one device only - it comes with a quick start guide describing the installation steps for their device. Click the document link below to see the QSG or download it.